Mayor’s Message 2017-04-20T15:55:01+00:00

Mayor’s Message

Welcome to Raritan’s website – it is source of great information about our community.  You have probably noticed that it has a new, streamlined appearance. Communication is important to us. For your convenience, we have reorganized the website’s contents to make frequently requested information quickly accessible.

Communication is a two-way process.  We want to hear from you. Contact information for all elected officials as well as for all municipal employees is listed under the Borough Directory. Please reach out to us with questions and concerns about the new website or other matters of importance to you.

Raritan is an active and growing community.   Our many recreational activities, community events and important information are now featured on our homepage.  Make sure to select “load more posts” to see the complete list of events. You can also download the entire Borough Calendar available under Resources.  

Looking for something quickly?  Use the search feature by selecting the magnifying glass icon to the right of the Borough Directory or scroll down Quick Links along the right side of the page under Raritan’s Weather.

Please take a moment to explore our new website.  We think you will be pleased with our new look.

– Mayor Charles McMullin